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Activity Levels

Technical Levels

  • Hiking - Trekking Technical Levels - HikingIt requires no technical knowledge. The activity requires only walking.
  • Low mountain- Mountaineering Technical Levels - Low mountainMay require the use of specific equipment (crampons, ice-axe, snowshoes) but not the knowledge to use. Recommended summer mountaineering experience.
  • High mountain - alpinism Technical Levels - High mountainRequires use of specific equipment (crampons, ice-axe, snowshoes, harnesses, etc..) And the knowledge of its use is the level required by the activity.
  • Ski touring Technical Levels - Ski touringRequires use of specific equipment (ski touring, climbing skins, poles, etc., And occasionally crampons, harness, etc..) and the knowledge of its use is the level required by the activity.
    • Level Initiation: requires no specific background. Requires basic level of parallel ski.
    • Intermediate: specific prior knowledge and having made ski touring routes in total autonomy simple (without guide).
    • Advanced: requires a very good ski level in ascent and descent in almost all types of snow and slopes.

Fitness Levels

  • LowActivity easy. Achievable by anyone and without any difficulty.
  • Medium - LowActivity achievable by anyone with a normal fitness. Slopes between 200 and 600 meters and distances between 5 and 10 km.
  • MediumNecessary average fitness. Slopes between 600 and 1000 meters distances positive and between 10 and 15 km.
  • Medium - HightGood fitness required. Gaps between 1000 and 1500 meters distances positive and can exceed 15 km.
  • HightVery good fitness required. Slopes of more than 1500 meters and more than 20 km gears.